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Friday, January 11, 2008

How Can a Cop be a Christian??

For those who missed last Saturday, we took an in-depth look at Romans 13:1-7 as it relates to the source of our authority as peace officers and the special responsibility that authority entails. There is a great discussion on this topic on the Iron Sharpens Iron website: http://christiancops.org/romans13htm. Great stuff!

This week we’ll take it a step further by answering an all-too-common question: “How can a cop be a Christian?” This can be a tough question to answer – especially for peace officers – because we have a hard time merging our faith and our jobs. We’ll see how God, through His Word (the Bible), answers that question in a very powerful and surprising way.

That said, drag yourself out of bed tomorrow morning (or stay up if you are just getting off) for a great hour of cop-oriented fellowship, Bible study, and prayer.

Speaking of PRAYER:

As many of you know by now (as reported in the Press), Palmer Lake Chief of Police Dan Gilliana took his own life last week. His wife (a veteran Colorado Springs Police Officer) and family – including the law enforcement side – are hurting! Please keep them in your prayers and keep a close watch on your own. For those who wish to attend, there will be a viewing at Swan Law Funeral Home, 501 N. Cascade in Colorado Springs, on Sunday the 13th from 2pm to 5pm. I plan on attending. The funeral will be at the New Life Church on Monday the 14th at 2pm for those who can make it.

Reducing and preventing suicide in our profession is a big part of the reason we exist. How can we protect others if we can’t protect our own?

(2) Continue to keep Trooper Scott Hinshaw in your prayers as he fights towards recovery. I plan to have Scott come share his testimony with us at a future meeting.

(3) Keep Chaplain Ernest in Durango in your prayers – he is leading a fledgling peace officer ministry there.

(4) Officer Ryan Dyer has asked for prayer ref. several of the incarcerated women he is dealing with. Ryan writes, “Hey everyone. I hope this finds you all doing well. Things have been amazing in the prison and I wanted to update you all on some amazing events God is working strongly in. I emailed most of you recently about some twins I was talking to about the Lord. One of them has come a long way and now feels she is a believer in Christ. She continuously speaks of doing mission work when she gets out of prison. The zeal I see in her encourages me. She still needs much prayer though. Please pray God will give her a heart of obedience as she continues on. I now have another strong prayer request. There are two more inmates (Gina and Adriana) I have been talking to weekly and they are a pure joy to be ministering to. They both have many deep wounds and every time we talk they shed many tears. They are so hungry for truth and they continuously ask me theologically based questions because they desperately want to be in the truth... Please pray God will spur them on and drench them in truth. Your prayers are being answered for these inmates and I thank you so much for what you do on the outside. I am going in for surgery on my shoulder this morning so please pray for me too. “

(5) As with last week, a number of fellow Christian officers are struggling with marital issues. Please pray for healing and restoration. While you are at it, please pray for Diana and I as our wedding is just over 6 weeks away.

(6) Continue to pray for this ministry and PASS these emails and flyers on to others. Our true strength as officers is IN CHRIST and we are a desperately hurting and often malfunctioning profession!

I apologize if I’ve missed anyone…please email or call me with your prayer requests and, as appropriate, I will include them here.