About the Centurion Law Enforcement Ministry

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The "shield of faith" and "sword (cross) of the Spirit" (Ephesians 6:11-17)

The Centurion Law Enforcement Ministry (TCLEM) is a Christian outreach to/for/about law enforcement personnel and their families. Our vision is to WIN LEOs to a saving faith in Jesus Christ, DISCIPLE the Christian officer, and then SEND them out to boldly live and share their faith at home and in the workplace. In doing so we also seek to increase morale and reduce our high rates of suicide, depression, divorce, alcoholism and related issues. In addition to a weekly e-newsletter and website, TCLEM's local FCPO chapters (FCPO-Denver and FCPO-Castle Rock) meet regularly in the Denver and Castle Rock (CO) area for profession-relevant Bible study, prayer and fellowship. TCLEM is led by Michael "M.C." Williams, a 25-year law enforcement veteran (patrol, SWAT, training, investigations, etc.) concurrently serving as a State Criminal Investigator, Police Lieutenant and Chaplain. In addition to being a police and ministry leader, author and speaker, MC is the current FCPO national board VP and is available to teach and share his remarkable testimony that exemplifies God's grace, love and mercy. Feel free to contact MC for further details.

The "Thin Blue Line" of law enforcement covered by the blood of Christ

Are you covered?  Romans 4:7