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The "thin blue line" of law enforcement covered by the blood of Christ

Are you covered?

Romans 4:7

More Christian Law Enforcement Links and Resources

Christian Law Enforcement Fellowship

International Christian Police Fellowship (ICPF)

FCPO- Canada

Cop and Cross

Safe at Church

Kristi Neace

Badge of Hope Ministries

Inland Peace Officers Coalition (Bill Rhetts' site)

Det. J. Warner Wallace's Cold Case Christianity Site

Peace Officers for Christ Nor-Cal

Ten Four Ministries

Sgt. Jeff Strossner's Thoroughly Equipped Blog

The Peacekeepers: Dep. Mike Dye's LEO Bible Study

The Eyes of a Cop (Sgt. Chuck Gilliland's site)

International C.O.P.S. Ministry

Simple Message Ministries (for Cops)

SWAT (Spiritual Weapons and Training): Col. Ray Fairman's Site

Emergency Services Ministries

Cops for Christ (Ministry of Ten-Four Ministries)

Operation Safety 91

God's Shield of Protection

Modern Day Knights

Code 3 Ministries

LEO  Trainer: Faith Based Law Enforcement

The Bible and the Shield Ministry

Badges Ministry

Centurion Radio

Responder Life

Christian Police Association United Kingdom (CPA-UK)

Wives on Duty

Badge of Hope Ministries (Rick and Kristi Neace)

How to Love Your Cop

Behind the Badge

Correctional Staff Fellowship - CSF (C/O Ministry Site)

Shields of the Shepherd

Police Missions Website

Salem the Soldier Police Page


Centurion's Faith (no relation to TCLEM)

Simple Message Ministries for Cops

Shadows of the Badge - Ofc. Tom Peoples' Site

International Cops for Christ

Peace Officer Ministries (POM)

Christian Police Association (CPA) - USA

Cross and Shield Ministries

Law Enforcement Marriage Resources

Know God (AKA true officer safety)

Are you a "good" person?

Are you really a Christian?

How can I be saved (how to be right with God)?

Are you sure?  Learn more!

Police Suicide Prevention, Crisis Counseling and PTSD

Police Suicide Foundation

Badge of Life

Chaplain Gino Geraci on Police Suicides

Warrior's Faith

PTSD and God

Heal Our Patriots

More Crisis Hotline Numbers

Hope and Help Now

Serve and Protect Suicide and Crisis Hotline

Grace FM Radio - Worship and the Word

Grace FM Radio

Biblical Counseling Services

More on Nouthetic Counseling


Institute for Nouthetic Studies

Nat. Assoc. of Nouthetic Counselors

Apologetics (Defending the Faith, Defending the Truth)

Creation Science

Reasoning from the Scriptures (Ron Rhodes)

Lee Strobel

Answers in Genesis

The USA's Godly (Biblical) Foundation (answers to Bible Questions)

Calvary Chapel Aurora Resources

Calvary South Denver Resources

Please Convince Me

Always be Ready

Defending the Faith

Chad Williams/SEAL of God

Faith Facts

Front Line Ministries

Apologetics Index

Additional Profession-Relevant Resources

Focus on the Family

Courageous the Movie

Another Great Question/Answer Resource (

Online (Blue Letter) Bible

Online Bible Study Tools and Devotionals

Protecting Our Children Online

Support/Encouragement for Wives of LEO's (Kristi Neace)

His Channel - Solid Biblical Teaching on Demand

Centurions Prayer - A Military Outreach

Family Talk: Biblical Marriage, Family and Singles Resources

Hi-Caliber (Bill Rhetts, former LAPD)

Guardian Leadership

Tim Tebow Foundation

Calvary Chapel Aurora (great resources)

"On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs" (courtesy of Lt. Col. Dave Grossman)

Band of Brothers

Christian Emergency Network

Christian Military Fellowship

Servant Warrior Ministries

Kindom Warriors - Lt. Gen. William Boykin's Site

Christian Warrior Physical Fitness via Xfit

New Mexico Advanced Tactical Training

Police Link

Police One

Law Officer

The Marcus Young Incident

Police Self Defense and Firearms Skills

Law Enforcement Leadership - Jack Enter

Warrior Training and Missions

LEO Trainer

Blue Sheep Dog

Lt. Dave Grossman

Church Security -Protecting Places of Worship (Carl Chinn's Site)

Lt. Jim Glennon and LifelLine Training

Calibre Press Street Survival Training

Law Enforcement Training - The Way of the Warrior

EMS 4 Christ

How Far is Heaven? (Pastor/EMT Kevin Cunningam's Site)

Heart of a Warrior Website

American Police Chaplains

Officers' Christian Fellowship (Military)

Officer Down Memorial Page

National Law Enforcement Memorial

Concerns for Police Survivors

Promise Keepers

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